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    Insulating material also has superconductivity

    Time:2016/11/2    Views:774

     Japan's Science and Technology Agency, University of Tokyo and Northeastern University on the 23rd jointly issued a press release, said the researchers use electric field effect to make the insulating material with superconductivity, which for the future development of higher critical temperature superconducting new materials laid the foundation. The researchers chose potassium tantalate, which is very stable and almost free of any impurities, as an insulating material, and then placed the solid insulating material in an ion-containing liquid. The surface of the insulating material spontaneously forms an electric double layer. In this electric field effect, the insulating material has a superconductivity, in the absolute temperature 0.05 open (minus 273.1 degrees Celsius) environment to achieve a zero resistance. It is reported that so far the main research and development of superconducting materials using two types of methods, one is mixed with several metal metallurgical methods, and the other is the insulator as the main material mixed with impurities in the chemical method, the most representative is the copper Oxide high-temperature superconducting material.

    The use of electric field effect method can be described as the development of a new means of superconducting materials, it can make people such as potassium tantalate that people can not be superconducting material with superconductivity, for the future development of higher critical temperature of the new Superconducting materials laid the foundation.

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